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Utilizing Industrial Floor Tapes

2 min read For many years, implementing a floor marking strategy in a facility is usually done with industrial floor paint. With developments in adhesive technology though, floor tapes are the ideal choice for marking floors. Industrial floor tapes are heavy duty tapes designed to survive industrial environments and make installation a breeze. These tapes are typically made …

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5 Ways to Use Floor Tape in Your Facility

2 min read Floor markings are common in manufacturing or warehouse facilities coming in forms such as paint, floor stickers, floor tape, even virtual floor markings. Use floor marking for safety, efficiency, and organization. If you’re considering a floor marking project for your facility, have you considered all the options? Industrial floor paint might seem like the obvious …

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Floor Tape: A practical, cost-effective solution for marking floors

1 min read Many warehouses, manufacturing plants, and other industrial facilities have traditionally created lines on their floors with paint. This process, sometimes referred to as “striping”, can take a significant amount of time. Operations shut down, a crew paints, and then everyone has to wait for the paint to dry before work can resume. Floor marking tape …

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Recommendations for Floor Tape Use

2 min read Assess your workplace & plan your system When you deploy floor tape in your facility, you’ll want to know you’ve chosen the right tape for your application. This means before doing anything else you should consider the traffic level of the areas in question, light conditions, where hazards and intersections are located, and anything else …

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