Recommendations for Floor Tape Use

Assess your workplace & plan your system

When you deploy floor tape in your facility, you’ll want to know you’ve chosen the right tape for your application. This means before doing anything else you should consider the traffic level of the areas in question, light conditions, where hazards and intersections are located, and anything else that could impact how well floor tape will function and what type you’ll need.

Select tapes with the durability, width, and color you’re looking for. This could include a mixture of vinyl and PVC tapes, as well as tapes in solid colors, hazards stripe patterns, or checkered patterns. You can also get tape with customized text on it. Use as many colors as you need, but try not to go overboard unnecessarily. Lots of patterns, especially when they’re placed near signs and other important visuals in the workplace, can be distracting.

Prepare your floors & install tape

Floor marking tape should be applied to a clean, dry surface, so before you place any tape on the floor, sweep and then mop the floor with a mild detergent. Avoid using cleaners that will leave a residue such as chlorine-based cleaners.

For tapes with backings (most tapes rated for industrial use), lay the tape out where you want to place it. A chalk line can help you keep your lines straight. Then remove the backing and slowly press the tape to the floor.

To get the best performance from your tape, it’s advisable to press the tape down with at least 250 pounds of force. You can do this by driving a forklift or cart along the lines.

You can see a full set of instructions for installing SafetyTac® tape here.

For tapes without backings, slowly roll out the tape and press it to the floor as you go.

Make it easy to understand floor markings

It’s a good idea to consult with employees who work in the spaces where floor marking tape will be installed to get their input. Even after those initial discussions, though, you can take steps to make your system simple to navigate.

Post a color key for your floor markings in a conspicuous place in your facility. Then make sure new employees are always made aware of this chart and have someone explain the system to them.

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