5 Ways to Use Floor Tape in Your Facility

Piles of Floor Marking Tape

2 min read Floor markings are common in manufacturing or warehouse facilities coming in forms such as paint, floor stickers, floor tape, even virtual floor markings. Use floor marking for safety, efficiency, and organization. If you’re considering a floor marking project for your facility, have you considered all the options? Industrial floor paint might seem like the obvious answer, but floor tape is an easier, more cost-effective and longer lasting alternative. Benefits of using floor tape in lieu …

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Floor Tape Applications

2 min read Floor marking tape has many functions in the workplace. Businesses use it to increase safety, assist with Lean or 5S efforts, and comply with OSHA regulations for things like aisle marking. Specifically, floor marking tape can be used to: Mark aisles in warehouses Mark the locations of pallets, bins, boxes, and other storage containers Mark the locations of equipment Mark where trash and recycling bins belong Create parking spaces for forklifts and other vehicles Create …

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