Utilizing Industrial Floor Tapes

For many years, implementing a floor marking strategy in a facility is usually done with industrial floor paint. With developments in adhesive technology though, floor tapes are the ideal choice for marking floors. Industrial floor tapes are heavy duty tapes designed to survive industrial environments and make installation a breeze.

These tapes are typically made from PVC material and with a low profile, thickness ranging between 0.02” and 0.15”, it won’t make walking surfaces uneven. Most industrial tapes on the market also feature dual-stage tapered edges, allowing small-wheeled carts to easily pass over lines.

Industrial floor tapes are specifically engineered to withstand heavy traffic conditions such as those found in warehouses, manufacturing floors, and other tough environments where heavy equipment like forklifts and class 4 trucks operate. Even with constant foot traffic, you’ll find that unlike paint, floor tape will not chip or fade over time.

Many of these tapes are also resistant to water and caustic chemicals found in industrial environments; this can be particularly helpful for facility’s that regularly clean their floors with industrial scrubbers. Cleaning floor tapes is extremely easy, and an industrial tape will maintain its appearance over long periods.

Pros of industrial floor tape

  • The strong material of the tapes ensure it cannot be stretched or torn.
  • Removable backing liner and no additional application tools make installation easy.
  • Powerful adhesive that will not start peeling up off the floor.
  • Can resist heavy pedestrian traffic as well as industrial vehicles like forklifts
  • Tape will survive for years in an industrial environment.
  • Easy to remove when you are ready to update your floor marking plan.


  • Industrial tape is usually at a higher price point than economy vinyl tape.
  • May be compromised by a combination of extreme weight and pivoting (i.e. large forklift tires turning on tape lines)

Some common industrial floor tape lines include:

  • SafetyTac®
  • SafetyTac® Lean
  • Brady ToughStripe
  • Smart Stripe Tape

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